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Attention: The documentation may alter during the development process of Coretex, pleas check frequently for updates.

Table of Conent

  • Syntax
  • States
  • Default Commands
    • echo
    • Algebra
      • add
      • sub
      • div
      • mult
      • mod
    • Variables
      • Declare Variables
      • Set Variables
    • Booleans
    • if
    • Loops
      • while
      • fore
    • Functions
      • Declare a function
      • Execute a function
      • Functions with Parameters
      • Functions with return value



About: A command is any combination of characters wich is followed by any amount of other combinations of characters and seperated with spaces.
In general Coretex assume, that the first word in a text is the main comamnd, and any following words are Parameters and that any command ist closed by an „;“ with out „“.
comamnd parameter1 parameter2;



About: A State is a more complex variation of a command, which allowes you to set Coretex in a special state with its own variable storeage.
Fore example, if you plan to realise a modelloader of an 3D model with Coretex, you may want to execute multiple commands which all belongs to se same Object.
Ofcourse, you don’t need to use a state fore this, but will be the easiest way to do so.
A State need to be opened and closed with in a script like you may know from any HTML Element or XML.

texture file diffuse „./textures/skin.jpg“;
texture file normal“./textures/skin_n.jpg“;
texture file spec“./textures/skin_s.jpg“;
texture scale 10 10;
texture color diffuse 0.5 0.5 0.5;
texture color spec 1 1 1;
texture normal strength 10;
mesh file „./models/base.fbx“;
mesh scale 10;
mesh file „./models/turret.fbx“;
mesh scale 10;
mesh offset rot 0 90 0;
mesh offset pos 10 5 0;
Attention: The used states in this example are special commands from our Singularity Engine.

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